Smart Investments

What we do?

TT Capital AG arranges smart investments for investors in the following tangible assets:

Works of art, real estate, luxury real estate and vintage cars. We also advise you on expansions, fusions and takeovers. Our task is securing and growing your assets. We always act with professionalism, transparency and integrity.

Our business sectors in detail:


Works of art

Works of fine art are a safe and transparent investment. They also generate higher returns than other capital allocations.

The art market is extremely stable and has no correlation with other forms of investment.


Real estate

For a long time real estate has been the classic of capital investments.

It offers a stable financial investment for generations and is one of the safest forms of investments.

We offer hotel property in the alpine regions ofGermany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy.

selected real estate

Luxury real estate

Luxury properties represent the essence of premium living and an exclusive lifestyle. Exceptional properties are characterised by outstanding architecture, fine furnishings and prime locations. 

Luxury properties are not only places to live, but also symbols of prestige and wealth.

Selected luxury real estate

Vintage cars

Historic vehicles provide driving fun, prestige, image and a promising increase in value.

The limited availability of classic cars is the best prerequisite for a safe and strong capital investment.

We act as a broker for lucrative classic cars and tailor our service to your individual requirements.


Shareholdings, fusions and takeovers

Company growth can occur via shareholdings in other companies, fusions and takeovers.

We facilitate contact between strategic partners and companies.